Episode 2

Its referred to in the meetings industry simply as “The Incident.” An occurrence so rare that when word spread of its happening, the very pillars of the business shook with fear...and delight. Watch as Larry Ancil opens the door to his darkest desire and let’s a client know how he really feels about them. Not since that fateful day has Larry Ancil ever commented on “The Incident.” Click here to watch!

Episode 1

Welcome to Small Business Television Network. Following one company for one full year gives us, and you the viewer, a chance to truly see the inner workings of a group of dedicated individuals focused on a common goal...or not. How they handle success but more often how they handle abject failure.
In our first episode, we are introduced to owner Charlie Stanic's Level 7 Communications. A small meeting and event firm in Chicago, Illinois. With the economy hitting everyone hard, the meetings and events industry has taken more than their fair share of lumps and Level 7 Communications has felt each one of them. (AIG and Lehman Brothers being two of their biggest clients.) On the cusp of insolvency, salesman Tom McMann may have scored a major new client if the team can rally long enough to figure out who is supposed to be doing what.
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